(CART #000)


The special features of this cart are:





A red-case instead of a black

Extra text in reset screen of the game.









  • Extra menu-options:
    • Select the end-game animation directly.
    • Choose type of stars background,
    • Choice between classic enemy bitmaps OR the famous Minestorm bitmaps.
    • Switching to Vectrexians TURBO-version.







Some screenshots when the minestorm bitmaps are selected:




  • Note that when the minestorm-bitmaps are selected, the explosion-sounds of the enemies as well as the players shot sound are the one from the real minestorm game. Also, thanks to the more simplistic vector lists of the minestorm images, I managed to draw more stars in the background, A LOT MORE !!! This is for me personally the coolest part of this game.
  • Of course, the game can still be played in the classic mode !