Explosion: 8 Points: Order Here !

Explosion: 8 Points: Order Here !


Game Type    : Shooter
Players          : 1 or 2 (using joystick 1)
Availability    :
September 2011

This game is based on a famous arcade-blockbuster from 1983..
"VECTOR PILOT" is a tribute to one of the world most controverse jet fighters in history: The "AVRO ARROW".
The game is simple: Shoot your way through different time-periods in aviation-history and future ! The next stages are included: 1914, 1940, 1972, 1984, 2001 and.. (Below some screenshots of the game.)


Main Features of vector pilot:

-       Calibration menu to compensate drift.

-       "difficulty" menu (1=easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard)

-       A pause-button (button 3)

-       High score table

-       demo mode when game is left alone.

-       NEW ! The cartridge contains a non-volatile memory chip (Eeprom) to save calibration settings and up to 9 highscore entries.

-       A 3D rendered animation during the hidden level

-       Secret game features can be unlocked.

-       NEW ! Choose out of 2 different overlays ! (see ordering info)


Some Youtube footage of the game is here:






Some screenshots are here:



The unavoidable intro !

The menu allows one to configure the game






3 Difficulty levels can be selected

Calibration of the progress-bar and centering of the player vessel can be done and will be stored in the E≤prom.






Choose 1 or 2 Players !

Letís Play !







Pause functionality is also supported

Job well done.. ('Time' to move on !)







Eject!! Eject !!








If your score is high enough, you are invited to enter and save your initials

If free running mode, the game will go to demo-mode.






Credits intermission after game-playing.

Scoring table is also present.