Status 1996 (ugly)

Again, Welcome to my homepage about one of the most unique game-consoles ever !! THE VECTREX !!
Dear VECTREX-Fans, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kristof Tuts and I'm living in
Belgium (Europe).
Since 1996 (it has been that long already, I know), I've been programming games on the VECTREX..

OK,OK, first there are some things to settle here :

First of all I have to thank you all soo much for your extremely long patience with me !
As you might know, I'm a very slow guy if it comes down to vectrex-programming ! So, still all my tributes and congratulations to guys like Alex aka Vectorzoa or John Dondzilla and all those others out there who program new games at a much higher pace then I do. So, If you ever might observe that, when nothing happens on this site for 6 months or even after a year, don't worry ! I'm still busy in programming vectrex-games !

  • Name : Kristof Tuts
  • Country : BELGIUM (EUROPE)
  • Date of Birth : 26 august 1971
  • Profession : electronics engineer
  • Started with VECTREX-programming : end of 1996


Status 2011 (Fat and even more ugly !)

The main-reasons for me to program games on a VECTREX are:
1) I have sooo many good memories on those vectrex-ages (1982--1985) in my childhood.
2) The VECTREX has something unique that no other game-console has : vector-drawings
3) I love motorola CPU assembler ! (You can do everything with it)
4) I love classic games (see 1)..
5) it gives me a thrill to push the boundaries of the amount of vector-drawings on a vectrex (this wants to say TIMING OPTIMISING !!)
6) despite its short lifetime, the VECTREX created (and still does) a very unique atmosphere of game-playing and the delivered games were the best games that were easy, but also really addicting to play.
7) Al in all, itís a very nice platform to program on: not many titles were released back in the day, so we have plenty of games that are waiting for a portation on the vectrex !