††††††††††† The Overlay Story

Well now, after beeing busy with babymilk and replacing pampers for almost a year, Iím very happy to announce that the overlays are printed by the local silkscreen printer here in my hometown. For all those people who pre-ordered more than a year ago the game, Iím verry sorry that it took soo long, but please remember, this is only a freetime activity and when having kids, it drains up a lot of freetime ! Anyway, This small page shows some pictures of the overlays during the production process. This means that Vectrexians is completely finished now as a product and that shipment can start. Enjoy thepictures on this page !



I received a first sample of the overlay sheets on the 28/02/2008. If You notice, they donít contain yet the white opaque ink on the rear. Note also that vectrexians, vector pilot and vector hopper are printed all together.





How do You like my kid his shoes ? (on the background ;-))










Finally, the vectrexians overlay !





Iíve created 2 vector pilot overlays. One with green/blue background, and another one with pink/blue background.